Scientific Lab Equipment

We are supplying here the Scientific Lab Equipment that refers to the various tools and equipment that are used by professionals or students working in a laboratory. The different laboratory equipment used are Bunsen burner, microscopes, calorimeters, reagent bottles, beakers and many more. The offered Whatman Filter paper under this category is a specific type of filter paper that is used for qualitative analysis. These filter papers contain cellulose fibers, and people manufacture them from high quality cotton linters (First, we have to treat them in order to increase the amount of alpha cellulose). Scientific Lab Equipment is very useful.
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Digital Automatic Potentiometric Titrator

Price: 260750.00 INR/Unit

DIGITAL AUTOMATIC POTENTIOMETRIC TITRATION APPARATUS,MODEL: AUTO/POT–IFeatures: Microcontroller Based Titrator suitable forAqueous/Non-Aqueous and Red-Ox titrations. Suitable for TAN /TBN titrations as per variousASTM Methods. Built-in Magnetic Stirrer. Valve less Dispenser suitable to handle varioustitrants. Titrant can be changed within no time. Cumbersome Piston Burette and non-returnvalve system is eliminated for ease of operation. No Refilling is necessary after every titration. Several titrations can be carried out un-interruptedly. Eliminates the need of separate Dispenser for different titrants.??? Direct Volume Addition facility to reduce titration time.??? Step Volume Dosing for Routine Titrations. Speed Mode with variable titration speed. Addition slows down automatically as the End Point approaches. Various Modes such as Blank, Normality, and Sample Test.??? Supports two methods for Normality. Standard Sample and Volumetric.??? Average Normality Calculation facility.??? Single, Double and Multi Peak Titration facility.??? Up to 10 Peaks can be determined.??? Easy-to-read Large Graphic Display.??? On line messages for user friendly operations.??? On line information of the Titration Status.??? QWERTY Keyboard (PC Keyboard) Interface for easy alphanumeric data entry.??? Alphanumeric data entry for various Titration Parameters.??? Error Messages to avoid incorrect data entry.??? Printout as per GLP requirements.

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Laboratory Glassware Washer M1

Price: 100000.00 INR/Unit

Laboratory Glassware Washer as the name suggests is the equipment used to clean the laboratory Glassware equipment. The glassware washer is one of the important equipment in the laboratory as it helps in eliminating any contamination that can be caused due to unclean apparatuses.

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Digital Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus

Price: 100000.00 INR/Unit

Temperature Range : ambient to 45°CSpeed : Variable from 25 to 160 RPM with accuracy of +/_ 1 RPM

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Price: 101250.00 INR/Unit

The model VEEGO/MATIC – MD is Micro-Controller BasedAutomatic Karl Fischer Titrator designed for accurateestimation of moisture contents in various samples. It isused in QA, QC and R&D labs in Pharmaceutical, Chemicaland other industries.The instrument is having a Magnetic Stirrer andMotorized Dispenser for addition of Karl Fischer Reagent.A backlit Alpha-Numeric LCD Display and Feather TouchKeyboard on front panel make the instrument userfriendly and easy to operate.The volume of the K. F. Reagent added, is displayed onthe LCD Display. The end point of the titration is indicatedby an audio signal. A built-in CAL program is used todetermine the Average Factor of the K. F. Reagent. The instrument calculates the result automaticallyand displays on LCD display. The instrument is having built-in Validation and Calibration facility fordispensed volume. The instrument is having printer port for printer interface. This model is suppliedwithout printer.Standard Accessories:PTFE Titration Clamp.Platinum Electrodes.Micro-liter Syringe.

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Digital Wrist Action Shaker

Price: 27720 INR/Unit

Specifications : Capacity : 250ml / 500ml / 1 Ltr No. Of Flask : 4 / 8 / 12 Nos.Indication : Digital Red LED display. Speed : 40 to 300 strokes per minute.Duty Cycle : 4 - 5 Hours a day. Power Supply : 230VAC. 50 Hz.Dimension : 300mm W x 220mm D x 260mm Ht.

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Melting Point Apparatus

Price: 49950 INR/Unit

Technical Details: No of capillary tubes: Up to 3 for Melting Point/ 1 for Boiling Point. Temperature range: Room temperature +2 °C - 300 °C.??? Readability: 0.1.??? Accuracy: 0.3 - 0.5 °C.??? Temperature resolution: 0.1 °C.??? Temperature sensor: Pt – 100.??? Power Supply: 230V, 50Hz, 500 W.??? Display: Seven segment LED display.??? Capillary: length -75 mm; Diameter: 1.4 – 1.6 mm

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Digital Tablet Friability Test Apparatus

Price: 28160 INR/Unit

Rotation Speed : 25 RPM approx.Revolution : Digital, setting adjustable between 1 to 9999Display : Digital 12 mm Red LEDSwitches : Tactile switches for counterDrum : DBK universal acrylic drum of 300 mm diameter as per USP StandardDimension : 300 W x 300 D x 380 mm HWeight : 9 Kg. approx.

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Digital Cod Digester

Price: 36540 INR/Unit

SPECIFICATIONS : Temperature : above ambient to 180°C Control : Digital ControllerTimer : Timer 99Hr : 59 Min to switch off the heater after the testAluminum Heating Block : Hole 39mm Dia x 80mm Depth for Tube 38mm Dia x 15 /6 Nos.for sample 20ml each.

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Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus

Price: 23760 INR/Unit

No. of basket : Double Basket. Supplied with 2 nos. Basket & 2 nos. BeakerStroke : 50 mm. approx. 30 strokes / minuteTemperature : above ambient to 45°CTemp. Control : Microprocessor based Digital Temperature Controller for bath.With Temperature indicator for beaker temperatureDigital Timer : Microprocessor based Digital Timer 99Hr : 59 Min OR 99 min : 59 sec with alarm

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Leak Test Apparatus

Price: 59840 INR/Unit

Specifications - Body : Fully Stainless SteelDessicator : Fully Transparent PolycarbonateDessicator Dia : 300 mmVacuum Level : -24" / -620 mm HgPreset Timer : Digital 99 Min : 59 Sec.

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Bulk Density Apparatus

Price: 23375 INR/Unit

APPLICATION :To study the packing down of powderbeds of different pharmaceutical &chemical powders. FEATURES : Acrylic Measuring Cylinder Holder with Rubber cushioning.Maintenance free AC Motor 30 RPM.Direct Stroke setting eliminates the tedious calculation of Timer Mode.Microprocessor based counter with non contact sensor for trouble free operation.In power failure, the non-volatile memory of the microprocessor remembers the lastmode of operation. SPECIFICATIONS : Capacity : 50ml / 100ml / 250ml Measuring Cylinders x 2 Nos.Rate : 30 drops / min FixDrop Height : 50mmSetting of Drops : Adjustable between 1 to 9999 drops.Display : 4 digit, 7 segment Red LED 12mm H.Dimension : 350mm W x 265mmD x 280mm H

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Whatman Filter paper

Price: 850 INR/Piece

Whatman Filter Paper Having Different Number & Size.

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constant Temperature Water Bath

Price: Below 30000 INR/Unit

Double walled construction inner made of S.S. and exterior made of G.I. sheets powder coated / fully S.S. the Gap between the two walls filled with glass wool insulation. Heating is by immersion type heaters. Temperature controlled by electronic digital temperature controller cum indicator. A circulation pump with motor is mounted on a base and fitted on the side of the bath for uniformity of temperature. Temp. Range 5°C above ambient to 99°C with, accuracy ± 0.5°C.

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Laboratory Water Bath Round

Price: Below 10000 INR/Unit

WATER BATH ROUND to accommodate round bottom flask. Temp. 5°C above ambient to 99°C.

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Laboratory Oil Bath

Digital Oil Bath, Capacity - 1 to 2 ltr

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Water Bath Rectangular

Water Bath Ring Type, rectangular 6 holes.

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Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

Price: Below 75000 INR

Rotary Vacuum Evaporator in different configurations of either a Diagonal or Vertical Type condenser arrangement and Thermostatic/Digital Temp Control bath with option of Motorized lift and Digital RPM Display Diagonal condenser a) Thermostatic Temp Control Bath R/150 Model PBU 6 b) Digital Temp Control Bath R/160 Model PBU 6D c) Digital Temp Control bath with Motorized Lift and RPM Display R/180

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Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

Price: Below 50000 INR

Most Advanced Bench top ultrasonic cleaner for surgeons, hospitals & laboratories pute an end to the potentially dangerous, inefficient, ineffective hand-scrubbing of delicate expensive instruments by adopting the cleaning technology used world-over.

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Deep Freezer

Price: 111520.00 INR

Capacity - 70 to 800 Ltr

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Hot Air Oven

Price: Below 30000 INR
  • Delivery Time:10-15 Days
  • Supply Ability:3 Per Month
  • Temperature Range:Upto 250 Celsius (oC)
  • Application:Laboratory
  • Display Type:PID
  • Voltage:220 Volt (v)
  • Warranty:1 Year
  • Capacity:Custom
  • Product Type:Air Oven
  • Type:Bench Top
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Orbital Shaking Incubator

Price: 65,500 INR/Piece
  • Supply Ability:3 Per Month
  • Delivery Time:10-15 Days
  • Warranty:1 Year
  • Voltage:220 Volt (v)
  • Material:SS, MS
  • Size:Standard
  • Application:Laboratory
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Portable Autoclave

Price: below 50000 INR
  • Supply Ability:3 Per Month
  • Delivery Time:10-15 Days
  • Voltage:220 Volt (v)
  • Warranty:1 Year
  • Product Type:Autoclave
  • Material:SS, MS
  • Size:Standard
  • Application:Laboratory

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